Upper Barrakka Lift

Man walks up the stairs

From  Lascaris Ditch up to Upper Barrakka gardens, the new lift will defiantly become a very important part of Valletta. This will cut down on time needed to get from the water side up to Valletta, leaving tourists and locals more time to enjoy Valletta. It also helps with the parking problem. Not just an essential service, the lift offers beautiful views of Malta’s amazing Grand Harbour. The small size of the lift is lost in the height and curves of the bastions. Arriving at the top, Upper Barrakka gardens offer views unique to Valletta. A small quiet place were you can relax and immerse yourself in the breeze, wondering how did the Knights manage to build all this with the tools they had.

These are a few photos i took these past few weeks but i will be adding more over time. All of these will be on my dedicated site Valletta Regeneration.

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