ACTA – Maltese join International protestors against ACTA – 11th February 2012- UPDATED 19hrs

ACTA Protest 2012


*Later  this afternoon Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that he has “requested the drawing up of a Bill to safeguard the people’s rights to use the Internet

An Anti ACTA protest was held by a large group of Maltese and foreigners in Valletta, Malta  against the Maltese Government’s decision to sign the ACTA agreement and for doing so with out 1st informing the general public. These Maltese protestors were part of a larger protest being held simultaneously over Europe and many parts of the world.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)  is an international trade agreement negotiated by the European Union, the United States, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore as well as a few other countries, whose aim is to enforce copyright and tackle counterfeited goods.

All photographs ©Alan Falzon.




I posted links to videos and websites explaining what ACTA means at the bottom of this page.

Stop ACTA website. – Information explaining  what this agreement means.


Say No To ACTA.

ACTA explained.

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