Why I started boxonbox.com


The amount of boxes is quite large that even I have no idea how many there are! Unfortunately due to lack of space all my collectables are stored in boxes under my bed, in the wardrobe, in the garage and a few bits and pieces scattered around my flat. In the past 4 years I changed home 3 times, carrying numerous boxes up and down stairs then trying to figure out how to stack them in the hope they take less space out of my tiny flat, maybe just enough to fit my bed in the bedroom!

After meeting so many collectors I realised that  the most common problem with any collection is: space.

How many people can dedicate one room in the house to display scale model cars? Stamp albums stacked on top of each other is not a good idea but shelving needs space and this also comes at a cost. I personally prefer using the money on more valuable collectables then a showcase.

This makes card board boxes our best f riend! But this means constant worries of loosing everything to cockroaches, humidity or maybe a flooding in the basement.

So with all these hassles and the financial costs why do we still insist on adding items? Why do we check the classified adds every day and spend hours in front of our Macs’ on eBay looking for the deal of the year? Then bore the family with a long detailed story of how you found a particular military uniform button.

Maybe you inherited the set and want to keep it going as a sign of respect. Or maybe because of the future value of some items. Nostalgia, as a hobby or maybe it is part of your job.

Have a look at our site and send us an email with your taught!

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