Valletta Green Festival, 2014

Valletta Green Festival, 2014

With the aim of promoting the environment, the 1st edition of the Valletta Green Festival, 2014 was held last weekend . The 3 days festival featured a 400 square meter infiorata.

Since St.George’s square is just round the corner from my home, i walked there feeling excited for such an interesting photographic opportunity but my excitement quickly dwindled. The festival was nothing special, just a couple of stalls promoting the environment and a large flower carpet created from over 77000 potted flower plants. So what do i shoot? Flowers are very photogenic but only under the right lighting. The media promoted the event by saying the Palace will be open for people to shoot the flowers from on the roof but this was not the case. Guards prevented people from entering.

Disappointed i just took a few snap shots focusing mainly on the colourful lines.



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