Valletta FC Champions- City Flags 2012 – Prt 1

Valletta FC Champions - City Flags 2012

Valletta F.C. have won the football league so supporters have been busy decorating their balconies and windows with red, white and lion flags. These create an interesting contrast with the stone colour of Valletta’s buildings. Some flags are displayed all year round but for the past couple of weeks more have been popping up to celebrate another league title. Valletta supporters are well known for their colourful and lively celebrations, especially those that still live in the City. You will also hear loud Maltese music playing, praising the coach, team, supporters etc. It is advisable not to ask for a translation!

*A couple of photos have a few spots on them, I will remove these spots in the near future.

*All photographs and video on my Valletta FC Champions page.


Valletta FC Champions Photographs

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