Valletta Champions 2012 – Funeral – 14th May


Valletta FC are the league champions for the season 2012. Here are a couple of unedited video clips  from the famous Funeral Celebrations held in Valletta on the 14th of May. Fake coffins with colours of their rivals are paraded in the streets with a mock funeral in front of thousands of Valletta fans in Valletta.
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Valletta FC Champions Celebration 2012 – 11 May

Valletta FC supporters are well known for their celebrations after winning a trophy or a league and this year was no exception. Valletta was packed with supporters of all ages, dressed in white and red waving flags, dancing and singing along. Some wore costumes of sailors, an old tradition in reference to their disliking of Floriana.

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Chinese New Year 2012.



China’s  Ambassador in Malta Zhang Keyuan and Parliamentary Secretariat Dr. De Marco attended the opening of a weekend celebrations marking the start of the Year of the Dragon in Valletta. Continue reading