Solidarity peace walk for Palestinian people, planed for 21-11-2012, Valletta

solidarity walk for the Palestinian's in Gaza

Moviment Graffiti has announced it is organising a solidarity walk for the Palestinian’s in Gaza on Wednesday 21 November at 18hrs in Valletta.

I should be there to photograph the event and post the images on this page.

Photo here:

Here is the statment they issued on their  Moviment Graffiti – Facebook  while you can check out more information at  Solidarity Walk:Stop the Genocide in Gaza!!

Moviment Graffiti statment:

Moviment Graffiti is organising a symbolic solidarity peace walk in response to the latest violent attacks being perpetrated against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

This peace walk is going to be held on Wednesday, 21st November, 2012, initiating from City Gate at 18:00 via Republic Street and ending through a candle-light vigil in front of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Merchant Street, Valletta 

This event is specifically aimed at expressing solidarity with Palestine, and raising greater awareness on the brutality and violations of human rights that are continuously being perpetrated against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state. The activity also calls on the Maltese Government to condemn these atrocities and support the Palestinian people by utilising its full diplomatic powers and take a more active role in establishing peace in the Middle East through conflict resolution.

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