Keltika Choir and Orchestra.

Keltika Choir and Orchestra

I spent the weekend shooting my cousin and her band Keltika while they performed two Irish folk concerts.This style of music is not well known in Malta although a few pubs play it during St.Patrick’s Day but with the amount of beer drunk I doubt many people would realise.

While working at a festival at the University last year, I heard this band for the 1st time and immediately loved the beat and rhythms so i did not think twice to accept my cousin’s offer to shoot them, knowing i was in for two nights of fun and good live music.

I highly recommend you attend one of their concerts. They are suitable for children (over 7years) and Michele explains the origin of each song and also explains the instruments used.

Please take a few minutes to join their Facebook Page:

keltika Choir and Orchestra


*more photos soon.

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