Decriminalise Cannabis Protest 2011 – UPDATED 22/12/2011

A group of around 250 people gathered in Valletta to stage the first ever protest demanding the decriminalisation of cannabis for personal use. Although mainly young persons, a few well know local personalities were present. This protest was the result of recent court issues were young persons were given extreme jail sentences when compared to other crimes. A father who defiled his 9 year old daughter over many years only received 5 years. A magistrate found guilty of accepting thousands of Maltese Lira in bribes to reduce the jail sentence of a well know, ironically, drug criminal got less then two years. A young man found guilty of growing two cannabis plants is appearing in court with the possibility of getting not less then 2 years jail while another young man found with half a dozen plants has been sentenced to 11 years! Yes, 11 years!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately not many people turned up for this protest for the obvious reasons. Afraid to speak out. Its incredible that people do not stand up for what is their right. They prefer living their own life in fear  knowing that they could face 2 years jail if caught smoking a joint instead of expressing their opinion about it.

Whats the point for Democracy?

It seams that they only care about the water and electricity bills and price of alcohol/tobacco.



All photos can be found here.

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