Concours d’Elegance, Valletta Grand Prix 2012

Concours d'€™Elegance, Valletta Grand Prix 2012

The  Concours d’Elegance is held a day before the racing starts and is a very popular  event during the Valletta Grand Prix. The classic cars are parked side by side in front of St.Paul’s Cathedral in Mdina. Here you get the chance to admire the craftsmanship and details on  these cars. You get a chance to peep inside to inspect the leather seats, wooden dashboards and chrome knobs.

Quite a few owners dressed in period costumes, adding a touch of class to the event. In my case I shot the cars with an old film camera. One roll of 10 shots.

Hope you enjoy them!

Photos showing all the dashboards of the cars during Concours d’Elegance in Mdina on Friday:

Photos from the racing held on Saturday in Mdina can be seen on:



Launched in 2009, the Valletta Grand Prix (now held in Mdina) is a very popular and sought after event for cars enthusiasts of all ages. Local and foreign classic car owners join in to display their priced cars then race them around Mdina over the weekend. More details and also a programme of events can be found on Valletta Grand Prix 2012.

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