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Alan Falzon - A.M.I.P.P.

Alan Falzon – A.M.I.P.P.

Entertainment and Event Photography:

Private events, village activities, charity events, street theatre, celebrations, concerts….

Having personally worked as a full time fire performer and animator for nearly 14 years, I am now specialising in entertainment and event photography. My 1st hand experience helps me understand and anticipate the best photo opportunities.



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Alan Falzon, A.M.I.P.P.

Photography has been part of my life since before I was born, my father was a keen photographer who had invested in his own developing equipment. This passion grew with every issue of Life and many other news magazines I used to read instead of doing school home work. Unfortunately I never got the chance to work for Life Magazine, Time Magazine nor any foreign news paper but I have always carried some sort of camera to capture that “Kodak Moment”. Those magazine articles taught me that only a few shots are needed to tell a story, so when combined with the cost of film and developing I learnt to take my time to think and observe before pressing the shutter. Traveling around Australia for a year in 2005 was the biggest learning boost for me. A backpacker on a tight budget, film/developing much more expensive Down Under, living in areas rarely visited by foreigners and getting around on my bicycle I patiently and carefully documented the experience. Australia is a photographers paradise!

I obtained my Licentiate of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography in October 2011 and Associate of the Malta Institute of Professional Photography in October 2012.

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Performing since 2000, we specialise in fire shows, fire juggling and Circus performers. Our portfolio rnges from small private functions up to live performances on stage with top local and foreign DJs’ and bands’.


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