Republic Day Parade, 13th December, Valletta

A national holiday in Malta, the Armed Forces of Malta held their annual Republic Day Parade on the 13th of December in Valletta, in front of the President, Prime Minister and distinguished guests. A huge crowd of Maltese and tourists also enjoyed the parade that was held in St.George’s Square.

This year’s highlight was the Trooping of the Colours, last held in 1900!!

**All photographs shot on 35mm film , developed and scanned by Darkroom Malta.

A tourist’s afternoon in Valletta

Yes i know that as a resident of Valletta the title of this blog post ‘A tourist’s afternoon in Valletta’ is not quite right but look at it from another point of view. Although I have been living here for around 9 years I still shoot on a daily basis. The light is never the same and people, shops, doors, paint etc change over time.

With Valletta 18 round the corner, Malta’s capital city is changing at such a fast rate that even residents struggle to keep up.

**All photos were shot on Agfa Vista 400 pushed to 800. Sponsored, Developed and Scanned by Darkroom Malta.